YN-622N i-TTL wireless transceiver is a high performance 2.4G wireless flash trigger designed for Nikon users. Different photographic effects can be realized through setting the flash at 360 degrees. It supports i-TTL and manual flash, front-curtain sync, rear- curtain sync and high-speed sync(Auto FP), the highest sync speed is 1/8000s*. it can remote change flash exposure compensation or flash output of each group, supports different flash mode mix using. Supports the transmitter installed i-TTL flash, in addition, it supports the master unit on transmitter sets the parameters of each group. This product is a wireless transceiver design , the distance of remote control reaches 100M, supporting 7 wireless channels and A/B/C three groups, and with AF assist beam emitter function.

●Compatible flash mode: i-TTL, Manual flash
●Compatible Shutter sync: front-curtain sync, rear- curtain sync and high-speed sync(HSS/FP), the highest sync speed is 1/8000s*
● Support remote set the parameters of flash through the transceiver (Remote Control Mode)
● Support i-TTL/Manual/Repeating flash mode mix using(Mix Control Mode)
● Support the flash installed on transmitter(on-top flash)and supports i-TTL function 
● Support the use of master unit on transmitter sets the parameters of each group(Master Control Mode)
● Support FEC, FVL function
● Support modeling flash and red-eye reduction flash 
● Support flash zooming (auto)
● Built-in AF assist beam emitter (AF Lamp)
● Settings saved automatically
● Compatible with  YongNuo/ Nikon series flashes
● Support PC port triggering strobe flashes
● PC port support front/rear curtain sync and high-speed sync(Super Sync)function
● Support single-contact of camera & flash triggering (max sync speed is 1/250s)
Compatible cameras/flashes is needed when using TTL function 
* The highest sync speed of some camera types is 1/4000s,  some of flash or camera models may reach to 1/250s only or less if it doesn't support high sync speed.